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Our Personal Training Gym, and our Fitness mobile unit have everything you need to be successful with your individual fitness program. We offer Recreational training as well. If you like being outside, you will enjoy what Fitness Works has to Offer. We provide a wide range of individualized, comprehensive personal fitness training programs. Our fitness services are available in Georgia, Florida and New York. Whether your goal is to build strength, increase flexibility, improve balance, help with injuries, prevention or rehab, weight management, gain muscle, lose weight, learn how to box, we can help you progress and have FUN DOING IT!!!

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Nutrition Counseling

Eating well is the most important part of fitness, but everyone's dietary needs and goals differ. That's why we offer customized nutrition plans that are specific to your individual needs and goals.

exercise therapy fitness trainer woodsto

Exercise Therapy

Helps you be prepared and experience a high success rate before and after surgery.  Great for restoring normal musculoskeletal function, increasing balance or reducing pain, while becoming more flexible.


Boxing Instructions

Boxing is a great for building confidence, stress relief, increasing cardio, weight loss, self-defense, focus, balance, strength and  Fun!!! To schedule boxing lessons, contact us today! We are ready to train you!

weight management fitness training woods

Weight Management

Losing weight is far easier said than done, however, we can develop a personalized fitness training plan to keep you motivated and help you lose weight, keep weight off and improve your overall health. 

personal training for weight loss woodst

One-on-One Training

Your personal fitness program begins with an individual evaluation. One-on-one training will help keep you motivated to reach your fitness goals. Our program offers flexible hours and locations. We can come to you!

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Kids Boot Camp

This program offers 1-on-1 or group training sessions. It helps release stress & improve focus, which can help them concentrate and perform better in school. Also improves confidence & social skills, plus it's just fun!

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Sport Specific Training

Our sport-specific training programs are tailored to your level of experience. Gain strength, balance, flexibility & speed. Excel in your sport of choice. Football, Baseball, Hockey, Boxing, Equestrian, etc.

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Couples/Buddy Training

Fitness training as a couple or with a friend can be fun and help keep you on track. We can create a specialized fitness plan that suits both you and your partners health goals and fitness needs.

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If you aren't sure what route you want to take with your nutrition or fitness needs, contact us! We can help you choose a path that works for you to reach your goals! We look forward to speaking with you



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